Brooklyn’s Song

A story of two shattered people coming together to unearth a mystery with a heart-wrenching and shocking climax.


This “absorbing story” begins with the lead character, Brooklyn Pierce, witnessing the attempted assassination of her father, the first elected African-American governor of New York, Sage Pierce. Leading the ensuing investigation is Korean-American Detective Song Kai; who’s thrust into a perceived web of political conspiracy, forcing him to delve into Governor Pierce’s past and the apparent suicide of his wife 23 years prior. After developing feelings for Brooklyn and unearthing dark and tragic secrets, Song is plagued by the memory of his own wife’s death and the possibility of taking down the father Brooklyn so loves and admires. Unexpected twists reveal a heart-wrenching, shocking climax.


“Brooklyn’s Song” offers readers just about anything they may be after- whether it be love, suspense, action, or drama – it’s all here.”

“The story line captured me from the very beginning and I had a difficult time putting it down each page just left me feeling like I had to keep reading because I had to find out what was next.”

“I wasn’t able to put it down. It’s one of those stories that make you want to know what is going to happen next.”


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